Sunday, 23 March 2014

the evolution of ornaments

I worked this winter to create a photo journal of the stages of development of items created in my pottery studio. 

stage 1
after the items have been crafted and dried;

stage 2
bisque firing
This completely dehydrates the clay making it tough enough to handle safely, but still very fragile.  Example: I wouldn't pick up a mug by its handle at this stage...the handle might pop off. 

Notice how some of the items didn't make it to this photo.  Accidents happen with greenware.

Stage 3 glaze firing
 and some items don't make it to this stage.
 The underglazed items were covered in a clear glaze, others were glazed, all are shiny and durable.
A few items from the glaze load cracked during firing.  Some become "seconds", others become waste.

The ornaments will be used as charms, tree ornaments, key chains, and my favourite use: wind chimes.
There is a lot of piddly work that goes in to making these items.  One advantage is that left over clay can be used for this purpose.  Check out the photo above.  The three plates have been made of left over clay, a colour I refer to as "butterscotch".

Now, to get busy and do some more!!!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Summer in PEI 2013

Yipee!...Harwin Pottery now has an outlet on Prince Edward Island.
That's right: "You build it and they WILL come!"
Located in a rural setting, in the courtryside on the north shore of PEI, King's County, is an out of the way surprise.  Harwin Pottery is announced by a large red lettered sign posted on the south side of the well house roof  facing route 16.  Passersby get an unexpected surprise when they realize that in the middle of absolutely nowhere is a Pottery Barn.  Recently, a beautifully hand crafted sign has been added to the roadside.  A special thank you goes to Marie for her conception of the sign, and to Shawn for the final product.  You guys are the best!
 In a matter of three short weeks, dozens of visitors have entered the new site and checked out the workings of "The Accidental Potter".  The chats have been fun and the experience has fulfilled a dream, a simple one, but still a dream.  
In a building, formerly a wood-house, chicken-house and granary, Harwin Pottery and crafts made by Harwin Enterprises are on display for the enjoyment of the shoppers.  Gerry, our master carpenter friend and buddy was busy during the first three weeks of July framing, flooring, and finishing the first stage of construction on "the cottage".  Featured inside the building is a functioning toilet in a washroom framed in 2 x 4's.  4 windows, a new loft space and stairs, shelves and electrical have been added.  
 Gerry, the master carpenter busy at work!

 pottery in its
                                                           new home

photocards                             knitted toques                   Driftwood mobiles

 this beautiful sign makes it all OFFICIAL!                      

this pottery was featured in a gift shop in Cavendish PEI last summer and was just awaiting our return.

Already I have received much encouragement to increase production for next summer.  I promise to do what I am able in order to meet this challenge.
Thanks to all my visitors and supporters along the way.
Wait till I post pictures of the well house billboard!!!
I'll be back, much sooner, with my next post.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Welcome back to the world of pottery.  It has been a busy summer, unfortunately not too much pottery was made. 
I did attend Robbie's summer pottery workshop and have a few interesting pieces to all to my collection.  I was able to produce 3 press plates, a raku vase (reminisent of a paper bag gathered at the top), and a salt fired tea bowl.
My pottery was on display this summer in Cavendish, PEI and CGV Gallery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON.  I appreciated the exposure and the positive comments my work received.  I continue to sell from my back yard pottery barn too.  Some of the sale items were purchased for wedding gifts, a farewell fruit bouquet vase/mug, 40th anniversary gift, and hostess gifts.  I am happy when my creations inspire others to express their generosity.  The barn was repurposed this summer to become my bedroom while I had some improvements made to my house bedroom.  The barn is just about ready to be put back into its function as a kiln room.   
On the horizon... I have a dozen large to x-large mugs waiting to be glazed.  I am also busy reclaiming clay creating my own butterscotch and chocolate revel clay.  When glazed it looks almost good enough to eat.  This I hope will enhance any food placed on the dishes.
Plans are underway for the Kountry Kraft Market, November 11 & 12th in Port Robinson.  I look forward to preparing for this annual event.  This anticipated show has been in existance over 20 years. 
A special shout out to my crafty buddy Jody Edwards for the fanstastic photos she took at the First Sunday Stroll in June.  Congratulations Jody on your latest magazine feature.  If you would like further info about Jody's night studies, her feathers, and her latest recognitions, just forward me an email.   Maybe I can convince her to link to my blog too.
Pictures to follow...but you've heard that before.
Enjoy your last hurrah with summer; fall is creeping in whether we like it or not.

Friday, 1 June 2012

First Sunday Stroll June 3, 2012

Just a day away!
June 3rd, rain or shine, Harold Black Park, Fonthill.
New items: wine bottle label bibs (6 one of a kind items).
Brave the rain and be a duck for the day.  I'm sure that the collection of crafters will make your journey a well-worth-it experience.
I am creating large mugs out of reclaimed clay.  I am thrilled with the way they are transforming.
I am also busy making signs to post in CGV Gallery in Niagara On The Lake.
Hope to see you this weekend.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

May the 4th be with you!

Hello again!
This weekend, the 12th of May, I will be in Welland at Eastdale Secondary School with my accidental potter creations.
On June 3rd, the First Sunday Stroll takes place at Harold Black Park in Fonthill.  It promises to be a great event, rain or shine.  If you get a chance, come on over for a visit.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

April is Springing...all over

Time for an update...

Empty Bowls, the fundraiser held in March for "Bethlehem Place", went well.  It is always enjoyable to see your own creations as they end up in the hands of appreciative supporters.  The bowls with handles were a big hit, as were the cutouts attached to the bowls.  The organizer of the event chose my bowl, the one with the dog "broach" attached.  High praise, eh?

Harwin Pottery is now being featured at the CGV Gallery, 158 King St. (@ the corner of Prideaux-Byron), Niagara On The Lake (4 doors down from Trisha Romance's Gallery).  Thanks George!  I wish you much success with this new location!

I will be doing 3 handbuilding and 3 glazing workshops this month at Rally Pac.  This is the workshop my siblings attend.  I will have a total of 30 interested potters just waiting to see what the clay, and a little creative energy, will create.

I entered a contest recently, sponsored by the City of St. Catharines.  It was "RED" the most basic colour.  Each artist was to interpret their own reaction to RED.
Here's what I entered...

Title: Ode to Canada: God keep our land, glorious and free 15 ½" x 13" Style: hand built pottery; red pottery clay, red under glaze, clear coat glaze
About the piece:

As a proud Canadian, the flag has been inspirational. The maple leaf, featured against the pure white background, speaks to me emotionally of heritage, country, family, and all that is dear to me. It symbolizes who we are as Canadians and what we are as a nation, glorious and free. This red maple leaf, on display each fall in all it’s glory in this Niagara Peninsula, is one of my favourite images. When it came time to depict my interpretation of "RED": An Exploration of the Most Primary of Colours, no other expression would do.

Year of Creation: 2012
Value*: $67.00

Friday, 2 March 2012

Marching Ahead...LOL it's March!

Hello friends and followers.

Harwin Pottery has many new items since the last post.  The black clay items mentioned in the last entry worked well.  The clear glaze didn't like it though and came out cloudy.  When fired again it took on a green sheen.  Good thing I am partial to green!
I am busy making bowls and bowls with handles for an "Empty Bowls" fundraiser.

Some exciting shows and opportunities are on the horizon:

any day now, Harwin Pottery will be featured at the CGV Gallery, King St. (@ the corner of Prideaux-Byron), Niagara On The Lake

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 Empty Bowls Fundraiser, St. Catharines.  raising funds for Bethlehem Place... featuring 24 donated Harwin Pottery bowls

Saturday, May 12, 2012 ~ Eastdale Secondary School, Welland ... Eastdale Extravaganza (crafts,car wash, etc.)

Sunday, June 3, 2012 ~ First Sunday Stroll, Fonthill, ON   Harold Black Park

...and of course, chez Margie Villard, Charlottetown, PE.

When I locate my digital camera, I will include pictures as promised in my last blog entry.

Cheers for now,