Sunday, 23 March 2014

the evolution of ornaments

I worked this winter to create a photo journal of the stages of development of items created in my pottery studio. 

stage 1
after the items have been crafted and dried;

stage 2
bisque firing
This completely dehydrates the clay making it tough enough to handle safely, but still very fragile.  Example: I wouldn't pick up a mug by its handle at this stage...the handle might pop off. 

Notice how some of the items didn't make it to this photo.  Accidents happen with greenware.

Stage 3 glaze firing
 and some items don't make it to this stage.
 The underglazed items were covered in a clear glaze, others were glazed, all are shiny and durable.
A few items from the glaze load cracked during firing.  Some become "seconds", others become waste.

The ornaments will be used as charms, tree ornaments, key chains, and my favourite use: wind chimes.
There is a lot of piddly work that goes in to making these items.  One advantage is that left over clay can be used for this purpose.  Check out the photo above.  The three plates have been made of left over clay, a colour I refer to as "butterscotch".

Now, to get busy and do some more!!!