Friday, 14 October 2011

Creative juices are flowing...

I can't believe what just happened!  Actually, it didn't happen, I made it happen.  I have been reconstituting a bowl of mixed clay over the last few days.  This morning I was able to gather it into a nice sized ball, just waiting to be turned into something "accidental"...and it just happened.  I threw a bowl the size of my potter's wheel.  It is probably 2 and a half to three inches tall.  First time ever!!!  Needless to say it is still on the wheel.  I will let it set overnight, then see if it is safe to move it without altering the roundness of the bowl.  This reconstituted clay will be gorgeous!  It has red (2 shades), black, white, porcelain, and brown clay mixed together...a combination I refer to as granite (a play on the word, I won't take for granted the generous contributions of clay scraps that allowed me to make this wonderful combination).
until next time,

p.s. the assortment of clay was quite grey when completed.  I glazed in clear, but the overall hue is grey.  Oh well, it is still a sizable piece!

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