Saturday, 7 January 2012

new year, new kiln load

Hello faithful followers...
     Just a little update to let you know what is happening with Harwin Pottery.

     The onsite Pottery Barn is open with displays of completed items and the kiln I use for firing.  Access is, as they say in the Maritimes, Open by Chance.  This means that if the van is in the driveway, then I am probably at home and can bring you on a tour.  The other means, which always works, is to call me to arrange a mutually convenient time. 

     Some of the new items I am working on include: black clay mugs and bowls; party plates with wineglass holders; "granite" clay moulded creations; a special order soup tureen ladle; and of course, the ever popular "accidental" creations. 

     I have had a few inquiries about "butter bells" but have yet to pursue that path.  If you have any other creative suggestions, please forward me an email.

Thanks for dropping by.  I'll post more pictures of finished items soon.

Happy New Year!


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