Saturday, 8 September 2012

Welcome back to the world of pottery.  It has been a busy summer, unfortunately not too much pottery was made. 
I did attend Robbie's summer pottery workshop and have a few interesting pieces to all to my collection.  I was able to produce 3 press plates, a raku vase (reminisent of a paper bag gathered at the top), and a salt fired tea bowl.
My pottery was on display this summer in Cavendish, PEI and CGV Gallery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON.  I appreciated the exposure and the positive comments my work received.  I continue to sell from my back yard pottery barn too.  Some of the sale items were purchased for wedding gifts, a farewell fruit bouquet vase/mug, 40th anniversary gift, and hostess gifts.  I am happy when my creations inspire others to express their generosity.  The barn was repurposed this summer to become my bedroom while I had some improvements made to my house bedroom.  The barn is just about ready to be put back into its function as a kiln room.   
On the horizon... I have a dozen large to x-large mugs waiting to be glazed.  I am also busy reclaiming clay creating my own butterscotch and chocolate revel clay.  When glazed it looks almost good enough to eat.  This I hope will enhance any food placed on the dishes.
Plans are underway for the Kountry Kraft Market, November 11 & 12th in Port Robinson.  I look forward to preparing for this annual event.  This anticipated show has been in existance over 20 years. 
A special shout out to my crafty buddy Jody Edwards for the fanstastic photos she took at the First Sunday Stroll in June.  Congratulations Jody on your latest magazine feature.  If you would like further info about Jody's night studies, her feathers, and her latest recognitions, just forward me an email.   Maybe I can convince her to link to my blog too.
Pictures to follow...but you've heard that before.
Enjoy your last hurrah with summer; fall is creeping in whether we like it or not.

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  1. Glad you're keeping busy. I'm busy, but much less artistically (We're out of Kleenex! Is the dishwasher clean? .....) - Peter L.